A Shapeshifter Vampire joins the fight against the Aliens

Imagine a world where aliens have invaded and the humans are faced with an alliance with the ancient vampires in order to defeat the alien menace. In this excerpt from my books we are in the Philippines and this particular vampire wants his revenge against the aliens.

A Filipino man walks along a mountain path, overlooking the smoking ruins of Manila. It is a hot and humid evening, but the mosquitoes do not bother this particular man. He is taller than most Filipinos with the muscles and build of a grizzly bear. He transforms himself from a human to a vampire were-dog and makes a ‘tik-tik’ sound. His name is Aswerne and is one of Count Cassian’s closest allies. He is a half-vampire, half were-dog shape shifter, and huge in stature—over seven feet tall. Sinewy, sabre-toothed and terrible.

A few hundred yards away is a group of soldiers around a campfire cooking roast lechon—roasted pig, a Filipino favourite. A soldier pricks up his ears listening to a sound. He motions to his comrades to be silent, then listens again. He jumps up, looking around, eyes wide—the other soldiers look around in the darkness.
‘Tik-tak! Alert Aswang!’ says the frightened soldier. The terrified soldiers look around; into the clearing strides a huge fearsome half-vampire half-dog creature.
‘Do not be afraid. My name is Aswerne. I will not harm you. I am here as your brother to fight the alien invaders. More of us are helping our human comrades in the fight. Come, let us go down to the city, take back what is ours—as proud Filipinos!’

The terrified soldiers follow the creature down the mountain track towards the city. As the shape-shifter walks down the track, the noisy night air of the jungle becomes silent. A group of shrieking bats hovers overhead, forming a macabre escort.

Once they reach the outskirts of Manila, the soldiers spot some black-uniformed Narzuks with aggressive looking, yellow-eyed growling dogs, saliva dripping from their fangs. The aliens are threatening a group of young women in short skirts, who are stood outside a run-down bar. The women scream in terror as the aliens advance.
Lord Aswerne launches into the air, his black leathery wings stretch wide as he swoops down the mountain, gathering speed. In silence, Aswerne appears out of the night sky and attacks the aliens, his talons ripping them apart, tearing their uniforms, their flesh, and their shield emitters to shreds, leaving them exposed.

The following Filipino soldiers run behind him and shoot the alien dogs, and there is a firefight between the Narzuks and the soldiers, who have a better vantage point at the edge of the jungle—they win the day. The screaming women run for safety towards the jungle, and follow the men, back up the mountainside to safety, before the alien invaders can call for reinforcements.
As the soldiers walk back up the mountain path, some other militias walk past them through the jungle, while four aswang vampires fly above them.
‘Good hunting, brother,’ says the soldier to the NPA militia.
As Aswerne regroups with the Philippine soldiers in their hideaway base on the mountainside, he sits down with them while they share their Lechon pig with the women from the bar. ‘Even the National People’s Army are joining us, it is a good sign,’ one of the soldiers comments.
Aswerne nods. This invasion by the alien filth has brought people together—a good sign. Maybe there is hope for the humans after all. Maybe they will set aside their petty conflicts and unite in a common cause.





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