Our hero Bulletproof Pete, aka Caius, meets Lucia the ancient vampire for the first time, but he has the feeling they have met before.

In walks Cassian and Lucia. There was complete silence as they stood there, their presence dominating the room.
‘May we join you, gentlemen?’ spoke Cassian with a deep Eastern European accent.

President Wilson sat open-mouthed. ‘Yes, yes of course.’
General Scott stood up, looking with disdain at the ancient vampires. ‘How did you get past security? This is a secure facility.’
‘Years of practice, General Scott,’ Cassian smiled thinly.
Wilson beckoned to the new arrivals. ‘Please be seated. I must say I am surprised to see you again but welcome!’
They acknowledge the professor. ‘Cassian, Lucia. I thought you were never coming!’ beamed Professor Picard.
‘Gentlemen, this is Cassian and Lucia. I’m hoping we can find some common ground together.’
‘Preposterous!’ says Smith from the CIA standing up. ‘We don’t make deals with vampires!’ Scott nodded his head in agreement, turning red.
‘Please,’ said President Wilson, looking sharply at Smith.

Cassian and Lucia, were seated at the main table, the participants looked uneasily at the pair of white-faced, blue-eyed and fanged beings, who looked around the audience, returning the stare, gauging them one by one. Smith started sweating as Cassian probed his mind, unearthing his darkest childhood nightmares. Lucia stopped as she looked at Peter with the faintest hint of recognition.
Peter had never seen a woman so beautiful as Lucia. She had, soulful eyes, like those of a wild Spanish gypsy, deep and passionate. It was as if time had stopped. There was something about her he recognised; a distant, vague memory, just out of reach, but nevertheless very real. Peter’s heart thumped as he had another vision, this time of an ancient land, and a city on seven hills, and a large wall surrounding it. Hyssop, lavender, and rosemary, the smell of them, the warm, scented air, and a woman, dark and mysterious.
Then the vision was gone. He felt a small stabbing in his heart. He clutched his heart as if clutching a wound. But then it disappeared.
Vinnie nudged Peter to pay attention. Peter came out of his trance, as if in a dream, but then his thoughts turned to his wife, and he felt a bit guilty. Deep in his heart, Peter loved Jennifer, he always had.
But this Lucia; she was magnetic.

Cassian and Lucia stared pointedly at Peter as if searching for something. Lucia opened her mouth as if to speak. The telepathic link was very strong. Peter was aware of it, his sixth sense kicking in, pictures flashed in his mind as he stared at her. Lucia spoke telepathically to her master.
‘Is he the one?’ Peter could hear her thoughts.
‘I am the one,’ he replied. Cassian and Lucia locked eyes on Peter.
Cassian then stood up and spoke, his black medieval suit seemed out of time, but his wiry frame and thin face exuded terrible, hidden power. His blue eyes surveyed the room, looking into the frightened souls sitting around the table.
‘We have not forgotten you. You underestimate how much we admire you, humans. We have come to help you.’
A hostile looking Scott stood up. ‘Let me be blunt. Can we trust them, sir?’ Looking at Wilson.
‘Do you have any better ideas general?’ Wilson threw his hands in the air exasperated.
Cassian and Lucia looked offended. Peter and Vinnie looked confused. A very frustrated president stood up. ‘Bill, please, we need all the friends we can get at the moment!’ Wilson opened his hands in a welcome gesture. ‘Cassian, our situation is desperate. We need to find a way of fighting back. We need some sort of plan. How many of you are there?’
Cassian ignored Scott and looked at the president with his penetrating blue eyes.
‘Mr. President, we bring many legions of Vampiri to da fight. They are making their way to your Sirius bases around the world as I speak.’ Scott is enraged, his face reddening.
‘The locations of those military installations are top secret!’
Cassian gave a hint of a sarcastic smile.
‘You humans are transparent to us.’
Wilson is annoyed at his general, shaking his head.
‘Let Cassian speak, General. Cassian, continue please!’
‘Da aliens: First of all we can tell you what we know about them already, based on our past dealings with them. They are taking women for their filthy experiments and breeding program. The aliens, Da Sumeri, as we call them, are a dying race. Their DNA is failing. Most of their women are barren.’ Professor Picard now spoke.
‘Mais oui, the same will happen to the human race in a million years, our DNA will also start to fail. It was the subject of my dissertation for my anthropology doctorate.’ Cassian continued.
‘Thank you, Professor. That is why they have been kidnapping human women, picking da best genetic material and conducting experiments on them, trying to breed a new race—half-human, half-alien. I can tell you now, these women are suffering.’
Peter listened intently to Cassian, his heart beating faster, hoping Jennifer was safe in their home, hidden deep in the Brecon Beacons.
‘My wife has been kidnapped by these alien bastards!’ said Vinnie tears in his eyes. Peter put his arm around him, ignoring the rest of the meeting, then looked at Cassian.
‘Cassian, we must do something, we must join forces. It is the only way.’
‘God help us,’ grunted Scott. The professor crossed himself looking sharply at Scott. Then he stood up.

‘Young Peter is right – it is the only way. Humans and Vampires must unite!’



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