Unveiling the Dark Allies: World War 2 Vampires

World War 2 Vampires

World War II was a period of unparalleled human conflict, where the forces of good clashed with the sinister powers of evil. Amidst the chaos and devastation of war, some have speculated about the potential involvement of beings more commonly found in the realm of folklore and horror: vampires. But could these nocturnal creatures of the night have actually played a role in aiding the Allies against the Nazis? While the idea may seem far-fetched, exploring the lore and legends surrounding vampires in the context of World War II reveals a fascinating and compelling narrative. It begs the question-Did World War 2 Vampires help the allies?

Vampires, immortalized in countless myths and legends throughout history, are often depicted as supernatural beings with extraordinary strength, speed, and cunning. In many tales, they are also portrayed as possessing a thirst for blood and a penchant for secrecy, characteristics that could prove advantageous in clandestine operations or covert missions. Given the shadowy nature of espionage and the desperate measures taken by both sides during the war, it’s not entirely implausible to consider the possibility of vampires lurking in the shadows, silently working to tip the scales in favor of the Allies.

One can imagine a scenario where a small group of vampires, driven by a sense of duty or moral obligation, decides to lend their unique abilities to the Allied cause. Operating under the cover of darkness and utilizing their supernatural powers to move swiftly and unseen, these vampires could infiltrate enemy territory, gather intelligence, and sabotage Nazi operations with ruthless efficiency. Their immunity to conventional weapons and ability to regenerate from injuries would make them formidable adversaries against even the most well-trained Nazi soldiers. Later on in this post you can an actual story about World War 2 Vampires helping the allied cause where two ancient vampires infiltrate a secret Nazi base, deep inside Nazi Germany.

But perhaps the most compelling aspect of the idea of vampires aiding the Allies lies in the realm of myth and legend: the concept of the vampire hunter. In numerous folktales and works of fiction, vampires are hunted by brave individuals who dedicate their lives to eradicating the undead scourge. These hunters, armed with ancient knowledge and specialized weaponry, possess the skills and determination to track down and eliminate vampires wherever they may hide. In the context of World War II, these vampire hunters could align themselves with Allied forces, serving as valuable allies in the fight against the Nazis. Imagine the allies having world war 2 vampires at their side.

One can envision a daring mission deep behind enemy lines, where a team of Allied soldiers led by a seasoned vampire hunter infiltrates a Nazi stronghold to rescue prisoners of war or thwart a diabolical plot. As they navigate through the labyrinthine corridors of the enemy base, they encounter hordes of Nazi soldiers and monstrous creatures created through twisted experiments in the name of scientific advancement. But with the aid of their vampire allies, they overcome every obstacle in their path, striking fear into the hearts of their enemies and emerging victorious against all odds.

In the heart of Nazi-occupied Germany, amidst the horrors of the concentration camps, another tale unfolds—one of darkness and redemption. Rumors abound of a group of vampires who, appalled by the atrocities committed by the Nazis, take it upon themselves to rescue Jewish prisoners from certain death. Under the cover of night, they slip past the guards and into the heart of the camp, guided by their keen senses and preternatural abilities. With swift and silent precision, they locate the prisoners and lead them to safety, evading detection at every turn.

As dawn breaks over the liberated camp, the survivors emerge from the shadows, their faces etched with gratitude and disbelief. They owe their lives to the courage and sacrifice of beings they once feared and reviled. In the midst of humanity’s darkest hour, these World War 2 Vampires have proven themselves to be unlikely heroes, fighting alongside the Allies to bring an end to the reign of terror wrought by the Nazis.

While the idea of vampires fighting alongside the Allies in World War II may seem like nothing more than a fanciful flight of imagination, it serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring allure of the supernatural. In a world ravaged by war and hatred, where the line between good and evil grows ever more blurred, the stories of these dark allies offer a glimmer of hope—a reminder that even in the darkest of times, heroes can emerge from the most unlikely of places.

Here is an extract from Vendetta book two in the Dominion First Blood series where two vampires, Count Cassian and Lucia under cover of darkness infiltrate a Nazi base deep inside Germany. Their Top Secret mission to thwart the Nazis plans to launch a long range nuclear strike on New York.

World on a Knife Edge
‘It was during da Second World War when I met da professor, he was a boy then. After he lost his parents, Cassian and I
sort of adopted him. I am very fond of him. It’s a long story,’ sighed Lucia.
‘I’m listening,’ replied Peter.
‘Myself, Cassian, and the other vampire clans had decided to help the allies. Why did we help, you ask? We could not tolerate the idea of a world ruled by Nazis da worst kind of demon.’
‘And you’re a good demon?’ Peter joked.
Lucia smiled and showed her fangs in a playful act and continued her story. Peter liked her East European accent, sometimes she would pronounce “the” as “da,” but he didn’t mind, he liked to listen to her talk—this beautiful vampire joined to him by destiny. ‘It was 1941, the war was on a knife-edge. Da Axis Powers dominated the globe. In Europe, the German Empire extended west to the French coast, east to Russia, north to Norway and south to Tunisia. Da Soviet Union and British Empire teetered on the brink, and the United States finally entered da war after Pearl Harbor. Japan extended its boundaries from Vietnam to the Marshall Islands and from Manchuria to the equator.’ Lucia cleared her throat and cast her
mind back to the night of the raid.

VendettaWorld war 2 Vampires
‘I remember it like it was yesterday. Da Vampiri, da Vampire Council, our government if you like, suspected the Nazis were
developing secret weapons that could destroy the allies and send da world into darkness. The world was at a tipping point, and we had to act. There are many parallels with this alien invasion: da will to dominate, to conquer and to suppress freedom. Anyway, we knew they were developing a stealth bomber, a new kind of fixed wing aircraft with an experimental jet engine. We knew they had a turboprop version but also a jet engine version we suspected could fly at 1000kph, making it faster than all allied fighters, and a deadly threat. Not only that, but a long-range version could reach New York. However, we encountered more than we bargained for.’ Lucia held Peter’s hand underneath the table as she spoke.

‘We were on the edge of a pine forest overlooking a secret Nazi base, deep inside Nazi Germany. Heinrich and his wife Derica, the professor’s parents were with us, German Jews working for da French Resistance. They had narrowly escaped from Germany with Louis Picard, my uncle, after the Nazi persecution of Jews in Germany in the late 1930s.’ Lucia sucked on a blood bag, then continued. ‘Around the large concrete installation was a high fence, and sentry posts every 200 yards. We could see a hangar and a runway running off the main installation. Da hangar looked bombproof.
Our intelligence told us the walls were ten feet thick.’
Lucia started to remember every detail as her super senses kicked in. As a vampire, she was endowed with a photographic memory and could recall images and sounds, even smells, from thousands of years before.
It was pitch black, cold, but the sky was clear, one of those beautiful October nights when the stars seem to shine and the sky sparkles. It was the early hours before dawn when people were in their deepest sleep.
The dew was wet on the grass. She was wearing a leather suit, with a sword strapped to her back. On her waist, she carried a utility belt and knives on her thigh and shin. Cassian was shrouded in a dark leather cloak, bristling with weapons. She could hear a squirrel scurrying up a tree to its nest, which stopped and look at them and the scent of fresh pine needles and sap of the trees. All her senses were alive as Lucia urged the group to move back a few yards to the safety of the forest. She looked at Cassian, he was studying the sentries on the perimeter, looking for weaknesses. Lucia could smell the German
sentry in his tower only 200 yards away. He had eaten garlic that night, she thought. She could smell his body odour. He had not showered in days. Lucia looked at his face; his eyelids were drooping. Heinrich and Derica seemed nervous, and their teeth chattered in the cold, but they were keen to meter out punishment to the Nazis.
‘We must attack now!’ said Heinrich.
‘Patience,’ replied Cassian. Heinrich looked at their vampire comrades, fear in his eyes. Lucia read his thoughts, what sort of pact had the resistance fighters made with these demons? He thought about his young son, Louis, hiding in the loft of his brother’s house. He loved him so much. He was so smart, so studious; he knew that he would become a professor one day. Were they doing the right thing?
Was this his war?
Lucia concluded their enthusiasm in hating the Nazis far outweighed their skill in fighting; she and Cassian had been reluctant to bring them along. Their mission was to destroy the prototype flying wing aircraft before it could go into production. But there were rumours of a bomb, a special kind of bomb, that the flying wing carried.

Cassian and Lucia thought about taking out the guards, but there were too many. Every 200 yards there was a sentry tower with at least two sentries and a machine gun pointing at the grass-covered no-man’s land between the forest and the outer perimeter fence. But Lucia could see the nearest sentry in his tower, garlic breath, just 200 yards from the forest. They were in luck, just one sentry, and he was falling asleep. ‘Now,’ whispered Lucia. She and Cassian transformed into flying demons, red eyes aflame, leathery wings sprouting from their body as they picked up their comrades and flew silent as the night over the fence. Derica whimpered in terror but Lucia hissed, and she was quiet. With a flap of wings, they landed near the hangar. As they got their breath, two sentries came out of the shadows and challenged them.

“Halt! Wer da!” shouted the soldiers as they moved forward, Maschinenpistole 38 machine guns pointing at them. Cassian and Lucia leaped forward at lightning speed onto the soldiers, smashing them to the tarmac, as they broke their necks, then sunk their fangs into their jugulars, draining them of blood. Heinrich looked on in horror.

‘Quickly, we’ll be detected!’ hissed Cassian as he dragged the bodies around the edge of the building and put them into a bin. Lucia licked her lips and wiped the blood from her face, her eyes sparkling with a red light, a new energy. They looked at the solid steel hangar door. Even Cassian and Lucia together could not open it, for it was locked from the inside, so they realised that there must be another way in. They felt the walls of the hangar, Lucia’s physic powers kicking in. They were definitely bomb-proof, at least 12 feet thick of reinforced concrete. This was the place. They needed to get inside. They made their way around the side of the solid concrete hangar fortress, looking for an entrance. They walked in the shadows
around the hangar while keeping a lookout for any other guards. There seemed to be no entry, no doors: nothing. They hid behind a shed as the moon came out from behind a cloud, shedding light on the base.

A sentry patrol walked past and stopped five feet away as they stopped for a cigarette. Heinrich listened as the two German soldiers in heavy grey coats chatted about girls back in Berlin and how they would meet up and go to a nightclub, and then to a hotel, for all night sex. As they laughed and chatted, Derica felt an itch in her nose. Heinrich looked at her and shook his head. The itch went away—then she sneezed. Cassian cursed. The two sentries swung around, looking in their direction, getting ready to fire their pistols. ‘Achtung!’ The soldiers saw their eyes glinting in the moonlight. ‘We need one alive,’ Cassian whispered to Lucia. In a blink of an eye, Lucia was behind one sentry, broke his neck and sank her teeth in, draining his blood. The other soldier just stared in shock as he saw the red demon eyes of Lucia the vampire. Cassian grabbed him and pulled him into the shadows. He looked at Heinrich.

‘Ask him where the entrance to the hangar is, else I will break his neck and drain his body of blood, like his friend. Tell him now!’ The German soldier looked terrified as Heinrich interrogated
‘You are leaning against it,’ Heinrich interpreted. They searched the plain-looking concrete shed looking for an entrance, and the walls seemed smooth, with no doors or other openings. Lucia felt a depression in the wall, so she slid back a small panel and pressed a button – a steel door appeared, but it was locked. On the side was a number pad – Lucia stared at the terrified, sweating soldier who was desperate to cooperate. But he was shaking his head, pleading for mercy.
‘He doesn’t know,’ said Lucia.

Cassian felt the panel and the ten keys, ranging from one to zero.
Four keys had fingerprints on them – he could see and feel them. Cassian closed his eyes, and moved in time but not in space, until he could see images of Nazi officers entering numbers into the panel. Hazy at first, then clearer. Three, nine, zero, five. Cassian gently entered the sequence, and the door slid open silently.
‘Quickly!’ said Cassian. They were in a lift. Lucia looked at Cassian and Heinrich.
‘It’s on the lower levels, I think,’ said Heinrich. There were four floor buttons, G, -1, -2, -3.
‘Try minus three,’ said Cassian. Heinrich crossed himself and touched the cross around his neck while muttering a quiet prayer. Lucia and Cassian stared at him.
‘Pray to your God Heinrich, we pray to ours,’ spoke Cassian who
looked at Lucia. “We should not have brought them,” he said silently.

Nazi Bomb

Continued in the Dominion First Blood series where you can learn more about world war 2 vampires.




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