Imagine a world where aliens have invaded and the humans are faced with an alliance with the ancient vampires in order to defeat the alien menace. Here in this excerpt from my books, a vampire council is being held.

Deep in a cave in the catacombs of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia is a secret vampire base. Vampires from around the world must now decide whether or not to help the humans in the bitter war against their ancient enemies – the Sumeri aliens.

A complex of rooms is carved out from the rock. There are rooms for weapons, bedrooms (vampires do sleep), storage rooms, a generator room and the council meeting room. In this room, around a long old oak table, vampire elders and nobility from around the world are assembled. There is Baron Titas, short and stocky, from Germany, Lord Aswerne from the Philippines, a tall and powerful shape shifter, and the elegant Lady Vesilia from England, who exudes charm and good manners.

There are many others from around the world. Some of them are chatting, while others cast suspicious stares at their assembled colleagues, memories of old rivalries, and vendettas, still fresh in their memory. Count Cassian rises to speak.
‘This council meeting is in order. This is da 101st session of da Vampiri. Thank you for coming at such short notice. We have a quorum of twelve, so our decisions here today are legal and binding. On our agenda is the proposal to help da humans in their conflict with da aliens. Lucia, your report please.’ Lucia rises. Cassian is glad he made Lucia his second in command, her strong personality and strength are a great asset to him, and above all, she is loyal, not like some of the two-faced vampires assembled before him.

‘I managed to capture a Narzuk commander on one of their raids last year. I persuaded him to talk, and before he died, he told me they were a dying race, and needed new humans for their program. Da Sumeri, da old enemy, have invaded Earth, this time in force, to restart their destructive biological experiments. Their gene pool has become depleted, so they have come to Earth for new genetic material, to restart their failed breeding program.’
Lucia and Cassian look around the table, trying to gauge their commitment.
‘As well as destroying the political and military infrastructure they have killed many humans. We cannot allow this to continue. We cannot protect all humanity. We are symbiotic to da humans, we cannot survive without them, our artificial blood bank project is a failure, we have no other food source. We cannot survive alone. Da humans will not survive this invasion.’

‘Thank you, Lucia. Why are they attacking in such large numbers this time? Six thousand years ago it was a raid here and there, snatch a few women, kill da men, then they were gone,’ asks Cassian, although he has a good idea of the answer he wants the assembled vampires to hear.
‘I think last time their needs were limited, to supplement their poor DNA. Now they are desperate, they are a dying race. They live on a dying planet. They want to take over da Earth, take our resources, our food, our mineral wealth, our water, but primarily to capture human women for their hybrid breeding program, to genetically re-build their race, at da expense of the humans. From what I can make out their women are all barren, they have all but lost the ability to reproduce. With each successive generation, fewer and fewer children are born,’ replies Lucia. ‘The prisoner confirmed as much before he died.’ Cassian smiles.

‘I was almost going to say they are an ungodly race but that would be rich coming from us.’
‘Maybe God has turned his back on them, like us…’ Cassian ponders.
‘We should not feel sorry for da Sumeri filth,’ Lucia adds.
‘Maybe we can redeem ourselves with God, maybe Professor Picard is right. I think we should help da humans. I do not fancy sharing Earth with da Sumeri filth,’ Cassian adds.
Lucia agrees, ‘Neither do I. I like da humans, they have great spirit.’
Baron Titas, an old, wizened vampire elder raises his hand. His leather jacket creaks as he puts his elbows on the oak table. ‘Count Cassian, old friend, we have survived these crises before, and we can survive them again. You cannot trust the humans, they don’t care about us.’

‘Baron Titas, da alien filth’s intention is to become the dominant species on Earth.’ Cassian, in a rare show of emotion, bangs his fist on the table, looking at each of them in turn, his eyes now a frightening shade of red.
‘They want dominion over Earth. They won’t stop this time, and remember, they drew first blood so feel no mercy for them, they will hunt you down. Don’t think you can hide in some dark cave. None of us can!’
Cassian calms down and becomes more conciliatory. ‘I have detected a change in da humans, they are more open to talks now. They are more willing to trust us.’
Lucia nodded in agreement.
Lady Vesilia chooses her moment to speak. She stands up, showing her long pleated black hair and elegant, Victorian style dress. She licks her lips and smiles at Cassian. There is a sparkle in her eye of old memories as she looks at him.
‘Count Cassian, you have always been a reliable ally and a good friend – more than a friend.’ Baron Titas smiles.
‘England is no longer our home. It is red with the blood of murdered humans, it has been defiled by this alien vermin! This time, the Sumeri will stop at nothing. We have no choice but to help the humans, you can count on our support.’
Lord Aswerne now stands. He is a half-vampire, half were-dog shape shifter and huge in stature – over seven feet tall, and built like a werewolf. The other vampires eye him warily as he is a close ally of Count Cassian. Those of them who oppose Cassian, and are even considering deposing him, now have second thoughts. Lord Aswerne looks around the table in silence before speaking, gauging their motives. He will speak to Cassian in private later. He now speaks with a deep guttural Filipino accent.

‘Cassian, my old friend,’ looking around the table again for emphasis.
‘We have not spoken for over twenty years, but you have always been a trusted friend and brother to me. I will never forget how you helped us in our war with the Spanish invaders, some three hundred years ago. And then helping us to fight the Japanese in World War Two, the secret war. But that was then, and this is now. It was difficult to get here from the Philippines, the alien ships are everywhere. Our country is now overrun with the alien plague, we have the advantage of the jungle, so we have been fighting a guerrilla war, hiding out in the mountains, and valleys, biding our time, then attacking, here and there a war of attrition. But I think we are wearing them down Cassian. We are using the same tactics as we did against the Japanese.’ The assembled vampires nodded, regarding Aswerne with respect. ‘The humans are so innocent, they cannot survive on their own. Cassian, know you can count on us.’

‘Thank you Aswerne.’ Cassian stands up and looks at all the vampires in the eye before speaking.
‘All is not lost – there is one who can help us. An ancient human warrior foretold in the Book of Prophecy. Caius.’
‘Pah old wives tales,’ grunted Baron Titas. Lucia grimaced and showed her fangs. Cassian continued. ‘We will meet him soon. I’m sure I can convince him to join with us. The sword he carries belongs to Prince Michael himself.’
If it were possible the assembled vampires all grew paler at the mention of that name. ‘The one who banished the fallen angels from heaven. The fallen are our comrades. Can we trust this Caius?’ asked Vesilia.
‘He is our only hope,’ said Lucia. She felt a tear run down her eye as she thought about him. She had seen him in New York, she remembered him from somewhere, and he touched her soul, an ancient happy memory perhaps. A stone city, a grassy hill, the smell of lavender, a warm evening. She had lived for thousands of years and she knew she had she had met him before. But this ancient warrior had reincarnated now in their time of need. She knew she needed him. They all needed him. Humans and vampires alike. She broke out of her trance as Cassian spoke.
‘I think we should vote. All in favor of the motion to help da humans raise their right hand.’
Six of the elders raise their hands.
‘Now against.’
Six of the elders raise their hands. Cassian is furious.
‘This is outrageous!’
The elders are arguing among themselves as Cassian shouts above the throng.
‘I have da casting vote. The motion is carried! Let it thus be recorded. Lords and Ladies, please leave the room. We will meet again in four hours. Lucia, you stay, we have some planning to do.’

Cassian sits down, hands on his forehead, worry lines on his face.
‘Lucia, my divinations tell me US President Wilson and his staff are nearby in their base in da Virginia Mountains. We must visit them tomorrow, if we are not to be too late. Time is of the essence. I should rest now, but there’s too much to do. I have another meeting, and work to do tonight!’
Lucia touches her master’s arm. He is like a father to her, and she loves him like one. As she puts her arm around him Cassian almost smiles.
‘Cassian, go rest, I will finish tactical planning before da next meeting. Go.’

As Cassian enters his private quarters in one of the caves he climbs into his four-poster bed and covers his head. The centuries weigh heavily on him, as he places his hands over his chest, closes his eyes and ponders the day’s events. He now knows who his friends are, and who are his enemies amongst the vampire clans, but he won the vote and his rivals have now reluctantly agreed to fight the alien filth: all ancient vendettas are on hold. The Vampiri are committed to helping the humans, there is no going back now. They must throw in their lot with them and fight the alien filth together, or both their races will die.

Former enemies, both human and vampire, must become friends. That’s the rub of it. But can humankind learn to set aside their petty conflicts and unite in a common cause? Issues of race, religion, class and skin colour are now irrelevant in a fight against a common and vicious enemy.
And one human holds the key: Caius.





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