Extract from Dominion First Blood HERO

Here we have an extract from my Dominion First Blood Series where a Trident submarine launches a nuclear missile against the alien Chicago ship.

The submarine is running at launch depth, below the ocean surface. On the bridge, the executive officer watches as a telex machine prints out some codes. The grim-faced captain, in his cabin, opens a safe and retrieves a red book, then hurries to the bridge. The young executive officer tears off the telex print and approaches the captain, as he enters the bridge. The captain compares the codes in the red book to the printout. The executive officer does the same.
‘Codes are verified. Do you concur, Executive Officer?’ spoke the Captain.
‘I concur.’
‘Launch codes confirmed. Enter target coordinates and initiate launch procedure. Maintain silent running,’ orders the Captain.
The Trident submarine releases a Trident II ballistic nuclear missile. It is ejected from the tube by an explosive charge. The energy from the blast is directed to a water tank, which is flash-vaporized to steam. The pressure spike is strong enough to eject the missile out of the tube and clear the surface of the water.
The missile breaks the ocean and launches into the air in a burst of spray. Its engines then ignite, and it streaks heavenwards at supersonic speed. The Trident II ballistic nuclear missile carries nearly 3.5 megatons of destructive power. The weapon breaks apart into multiple independently targetable self-guided warheads and attains a low altitude orbit just a few minutes after launch.
The missiles re-enter the atmosphere over Chicago. All eight warheads converge on the alien ship, closer and closer to their target, alien fighters attempt to intercept the missiles, but they are too fast as they impact the alien craft in a blinding, blaze of light.
Within a millionth of a second, the splitting of uranium in the nuclear warheads leads to the temperature inside each warhead similar to those in the centre of the sun, roughly 15,000,000 Celsius.

A millionth of a second after the detonation of the missiles, a fireball erupts. A man in Tinley Park, Illinois, twenty-five miles away from the epicentre, shields his eyes from the new sun in the sky. Those people and aliens, looking directly at the blast, are blinded, as their retinas are burned. A group of refugees on the outskirts of Chicago, looking up at the ship, shield their eyes as the blast wave spreads out from the epicentre. Skyscrapers disintegrate like matchsticks from the blast shock wave, which spreads out from the epicentre.
The fireball begins to grow, engulfing the surrounding air, rising, like a hot-air balloon. Within seven-tenths of a millisecond from the detonation, the fireball is 500 feet across, within ten seconds the fireball increases to a radius of 6000 feet.
All buildings, humans, and aliens, within the radius, are vaporized, reduced to dust. The nuclear cloud rises miles above Chicago, five miles from the point of burst, forming a doughnut shape, the colour of the radioactive cloud slowly changes from red to white as the fireball cools and condensation occurs.
The blast completely flattens Chicago for a radius of ten miles, but the alien ship, high above Chicago, emerges intact after the explosion. After a few minutes, fighters emerge from the black groaning, spaceship, and buzz around like angry wasps which have been disturbed, looking for revenge.



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