Weapons that could be used against Aliens-Rail Gun Rifle

Below is an extract from my dominion first blood series where Vinnie and our hero Bullet-Proof Pete try out some new weapons to fight the aliens.

Vinnie and Peter in fresh military fatigues are in a TV room with other Special Forces soldiers. Like many soldiers who have seen a massive amount of combat, they have a wired look to their eyes, known as the ‘thousand-yard stare.’ Peter and Vinnie have it too—they have seen their fair share of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.
And Yemen, don’t forget Yemen.

The assembled soldiers are amongst the best of the best of the Elite Special Forces, chosen, like Peter, for the Sirius project. Peter waves to someone he recognises from his Iraq stint. They sup their tea while watching a training video on project Sirius weapons technology, and how to operate them.

“This is the PR7 Rifle. It uses electrically-driven, electromagnetic, rail gun technology. This gives a constant acceleration along the entire length of the device, significantly increasing the muzzle velocity. It does not use explosive propellant—it is a strictly kinetic weapon. Each projectile travels at 2000 mph with a muzzle velocity of 1000lbs, enough kinetic force, in one bullet, to take out an armoured vehicle. It takes a magazine of thirty 20mm uranium-enriched projectiles and is powered by a unique electro-mag battery which is inserted into the stock, here. It can also fire a grenade with a range of 1000 yards.”

‘Kinetic energy,’ Vinnie raises his eyebrows. He has a natural interest in new rifle technology, being the best marksman in the regiment.
Peter has read a New Scientist article about a space-based weapon that was fired from a satellite orbiting Earth—a non-explosive, twenty-foot long tungsten projectile, which would hit earth travelling at Mach ten. Devastating. Project Thor or something. But a rifle? He has used the PR7 once before, at Buckingham Palace, but it would be good to get some proper training.
A Project Sirius officer addresses the soldiers.

‘I am Lieutenant Ross. We will go outside so you can train on the weapons. Alien activity is low in this area, but we will warn you of any incoming.’

Peter and Vinnie are in the dry, arid Mojave Desert. There is a light breeze, but the desert air dries Peter’s mouth. Peter looks up at the blue sky; a vulture is circling above. ‘Nice place,’ thinks Peter, as he gulps some water, and puts on his sunglasses. He examines his solid titanium PR7 rifle. He adjusts his sight, loads a grenade, aims and fired the grenade launcher, which takes out a bus—and half the hillside with it. A plume of dust fills the air around them. Peter rubs his shoulder, the recoil from the shot is ferocious—even though he has the strength of ten men, he feels the recoil.

‘Use a pad for the stock, Vinnie, it’s got a vicious kick,’ says Peter. Vinnie nods and then destroys a tank with two shots from the rifle.
‘Now that’s what I’m talking about,’ Peter admires his gun.
‘Nice rifle,’ says Vinnie, ‘I think I’m in love,’ rubbing his shoulder.
A siren sounds as Peter is about to fire another round. ‘We’ve got incoming!’ shouts the Lieutenant as soldiers run for the bunker. Peter just manages to dive into the bunker, and the huge steel door seals behind him as a black alien fighter flies past.




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