Here we learn the fate of Jennifer, the wife of our hero Bulletproof Pete, as she is captured by the evil Narzuk aliens.

Jennifer was pacing back and forth in their family hideaway in the Brecon Beacons. The house was concealed in a wooded valley and could not be seen from the air. There was no electricity, but there was a wood-burning stove, which heated the house and cooked food. Jennifer’s children, Sally and Robert were playing with a puzzle in front of the burner as Jennifer talked to Peter’s sister, Ruth.
‘I’m fed up with staying indoors all the time!’ Jennifer moved her arms around in frustration, a fire burning in her eyes.
‘Peter did the right thing to tell you to stay here, you’ll be safe, but don’t wander outside. There have been reports of alien patrols,’ said Ruth, trying to calm Peter’s emotional wife.

‘How could he just leave us here? He always leaves us, he’s never at home when we need him!’ Jennifer shook her fist at no-one in particular, her long brown hair flowing over her shoulders.
‘When’s daddy coming?’ asked Sally.
‘Soon,’ lied Jennifer. ‘I’m going to get some fresh air!’ Jennifer grabbed her coat and walked out the door.
‘Come back!’ cried Ruth as she ran after her. ‘Jennifer come back!’ she screamed. Peter had warned her about Jennifer’s impulsiveness. Ruth tried to stop her, but then Sally shouted to her, and she ran back to the children, shaking her head. ‘Stupid woman!’ sobbed Ruth.
Jennifer walked through the woods and onto the hills at the top of the valley. It was a bright, sunny autumn day, the air was fresh, and she took in long lungfuls of it. She felt alive and happy as she remembered the times she spent walking with Peter in the hills; good times. She closed her eyes as her imagination ran riot: Peter hugging her and kissing her in the long green grass, the birds singing, She felt a gentle breeze and the warm sun on her face.
Then the birds stopped singing.

There was an eerie silence. All she could hear was the soft breeze. Her heart pounded as she opened her eyes. Her blood froze, and she couldn’t speak. In front of her were two Narzuks in black uniforms. As they grabbed her, she screamed in fear, sobbing, begging for mercy, Peter’s words ringing in her head, “Don’t leave the house.” She yearned to be back in the safety of her home, with her children.
But it was too late.
Now her children were without a mother and a father.
As the alien grabbed her with its thin, wiry arms she looked at its large black soulless eyes, which had red veins running through them. It had light green flaking skin. Its long sharp teeth chattered in excitement as it got closer to her, drooling saliva.
She gasped as another alien put a device into her neck and she became unconscious. They dragged her into a ship and placed her in an incubation capsule, along with a hundred others in the hold of the ship. The ship took off and accelerated at an astonishing speed. It sped over the green hills and mountains of the Welsh countryside, heading for Birmingham.

Hovering over the now-devastated city was a black alien ship over a mile wide, dominating the city, putting much of it in the shade. It emitted grinding and screeching noises, as if it had a cog loose, as much smaller craft of all shapes and sizes navigated back and forth around the ship, like bees around a nest.
Jennifer woke up and was shunted from the small alien ship. Her eyes were open, and she could hear herself screaming, but nobody took any notice. Her arms were strapped down so she could not move. She saw an alien commander in a black uniform, with greenish skin and big black eyes, looking at her perfect skin and well-bred features, like a scientist examining an animal in a laboratory.

She noticed a red armband on the sleeve, then her heart skipped a beat as she recognized the symbol. A swastika?
He ran a DNA scanner over her which beeped and flashed green; he nodded, smiling, his sharp teeth chattering. He pressed a button on the incubation pod and she fell asleep again, sedated. The craft landed, and the alien commander pointed to a larger transport ship.
‘Mothership,’ and pointed upwards. They looked up to see the mothership in high Earth orbit, like a small moon passing through the sky. The incubator pod moved through the air, controlled by another alien soldier in a grey uniform, who looked different from the others, subservient to the black-uniformed Narzuks. Jennifer’s incubator was stowed on the transport ship along with a thousand others from all over the UK. They all had perfect features like Jennifer, perfect skin hair, teeth, nails, and body: perfect DNA.

But the drugged women’s faces were expressionless and empty.
High above the United States Eastern seaboard, in Earth orbit, the massive black mothership, one hundred miles wide, hummed and ground away. Transport ships from all over the world docked to the ship and offloaded their precious human cargo. Thousands of women were being taken inside the black monolith spaceship above them, taken from every continent, all with perfect skin and facial features.

Jennifer, half-conscious, was aware of being transported down a long corridor, before falling unconscious again. When she woke, her heart pounded as she tried to move, but she was strapped down, covered by two wide straps, covering her now naked body. It was humid, hot, and she was lying flat inside a clear incubation pod, she could just move her head sideways, and she could see another pod, with another woman, next to her. She tried to speak, but no one could hear her. She looked into the eyes of the woman next to her—a look of terror, helplessness, and a mouthed “Help me!” A shiver went down her spine, and she took a sharp intake of breath, as an alien, green-skinned, with a white medical type uniform looked at her. She looked into the black eyes, and she thought she could detect a smile as the alien pressed a button, and a metal tube slid into her arm.

She screamed in pain, as it extracted DNA samples. The being collected the tube, smiled again and walked to the next pod. When she moved her head to the left side, she could see two tubes, one coloured blue, with a water symbol next to it. She sucked it and cool water trickled down her throat. Next to it was another wider tube, which she sucked and a porridge-like substance came out. ‘I will survive,’ she whispered in the hot sticky atmosphere.
As she looked up she could see she was inside a huge cathedral, cave-like structure, with a high roof. Lights flickered, and there were multiple floors on either side going up to the roof, like some huge, grotesque Italian Opera House, but on a vast scale. An eerie light shone about the cavern, the incubation pods muffling the screams of a million women. If only she had listened to Pete, her hero, strong blue-eyed, rugged and handsome. He had something of the red-blooded warrior about him. And the name he kept whispering in his sleep. Caius, Who is Caius?



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